The Internet declares it's freedom. Def Leppard is re-recording it's entire back catalogue to screw Universal. A German university is suing one of its former students over early graduation. Will the ubiquitous Gideon bible be replaced by a Kindle? Windows 8 upgrade priced at only $39.99. The porn industry is positioning itself to be a very natural bedfellow to Google's Project Glass. Want to leak the goings-on in that staff meeting to the world outside with some style? Use a transparency grenade! Cisco locks it's own customers out of using their own routers until they agree to use a service that will spy on their Internet usage. Blizzard drops the banhammer on Linux users, because using Linux is cheating in Diablo III. A New Jersey court says it's not illegal to look at someone elses email if they forget to log out before they leave the computer.

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