Is a Computer Worm Causing Iranian Nuclear Facilities to Blast AC/DC's 'Thunderstruck' At Night? Local residents deal with phantom garage door opener. New Orleans music legend stands at own wake. Buzzfeed retorts comedically to a McSweeney’s parody of their site. A Hacker publishes how to open millions of hotel rooms with arduino in less than a second. Apple throws $356 million at making Its security better... or did they? How to expeditiously watch Battlestar Galactica. An arcade operator admits that, yes, those crane games are really rigged. New toilet paper dispenser improves hygiene and conservation. Why Valve wants to port games to Linux: Because Windows 8 Is a Catastrophe. All this, plus Dumbass Apple News and Oh Asia, You So Crazy!*5aLMOiO*6ZMXpgCcS-YVkihKJGnSvZ2v46XzPLZSblzDBqPbF1xQrWi5/tumblr_krm6c3OUAe1qzzhzdo1_500.jpg

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