Secret GPS tracking is now legal in Massachusetts. College students can purcahse Windows 7 for only $30. A fascinating light show in the sky was caused by an interesting culprit. Banana theft is on the rise in India, find out why. A student kills an intruder with a samurai sword. The music industry wants royalties for previews in iTunes. All this and more, plus the Fark Headline of the Week and the Question of the Week.

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Secret GPS Tracking Now Legal in Massachusetts

College Students Get Windows 7 For $30

Light show caused by astronaut urine

Stealing bananas to recharge cell phones? It's done in Bihar

Student Kills Intruder with Samurai Sword

Taking Showers Can Be Harmful To Your Health

Building the Ultimate Dorm Desk

Music Industry Wants Royalties From iTunes 30 Second Samples

Google Voice Growl Pushes SMS Alerts to Your iPhone

Planes Have the Right of Way

Hot Water: Take That Final Gas Notice!

The Geek Squad's Newest Racket: CD Ripping

First Rocky Exoplanet Confirmed

AMD poops out sub-$100 quad-core Athlon II X4 CPU

Amazon Basics

Holy Bike Suit Batman! A Motorcycle Wet Dream Come True

Domain Smack

Fark Headline of the Week Edit

Body entombed in wall positively identified as missing Yale student. Cask of Amontillado still unaccounted for

Celebrity Deaths

Question of the Week Edit

Since we were talking about a new exoplanet being discovered: If you were given the opportunity to name a planet with any name, what would you name it?

Additional Notes Edit

During the segment on the shower bacteria, Ryder sounds bad. That was Adrian's fault for screwing up the editing.