Bend over! Best Buy has a new plan to bilke you of your money. New firefighter boots allow others to track them. Pizza Hut has a deal for the lazy. Bravo Gustavo: the new iPhone app that lets you flail around like an idiot. French Parliament plans to mandate full disclosure regarding the use of Photoshop. Information leaked about a new tablet project from Microsoft, and unlike other Microsoft products, this looks awesome! Consumer-B-Gone allows you to annoy grocery shoppers. Apple gets the okay to block third-party gadgets from syncing with iTunes. OkCupid has analyzed over 500,000 introduction messages to figure out what works and what doesn't. Find out 10 dirty, little secrets about the restaurant industry. All this plus the Question of the Week and the Fark Headline of the Week.

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Question of the Week Edit

What do you think about getting a degree through open source means vs a degree from a real university? What aspects of it do you think are different?

Fark Headline of the Week Edit

Nuclear power plant struck by lightning. Expect follow up article that either involves super heroes or zombies

Additional Notes Edit

  • The LA Philharmonic is the orchestra in question regarding the "Bravo Gustavo" app.
  • Google Listen doesn't have a medium through which to submit our podcast. If you want it to be there, you need to petition the folks at Google Listen to add it or wait until there spider crawls to our site.
  • We've launched a webcomic! It's drawn by a friend of ours, come see it at