Arnold Schwarzenegger sends a secret message to the California Congress. A sad day for geeks: Jolt Cola is ceasing production. We talk about the "Yo Dawg" meme. China accuses Google of unfair censorship (ironic much?). Blackberry phones get eavesdropping software. Musicians call for a release of the torture soundtrack details. DARPA is researching putting the Internet into orbit. Walmart is competing with Best Buy's Geek Squad in terms of in-home installation. All this plus Fark Headline of the Week and Question of the Week.

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Fark Headline of the Week Edit

Man fights with sister, accidentally shoots his mother. Oh man you are SO grounded

Question of the Week Edit

What childhood drink do you wish was still made?

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When talking about ZFS, Ryder refers to it as a 128-bit Operating System. However, what he meant was a 128-bit filesystem. The soda that Adrian couldn't remember the name of was Josta. At the end, all three of them watch these videos.