Michigan Tech makes up stupid words. A british man has a bionic, remote-controlled bum. Photochromic contact lenses are soon to be publicly available. AXE's new "Night & Day" ad lets you see a lady in her undergarments with your phone, but only after 9pm. A teen has been cleared from criminal charges because of a Facebook status. Shit My Dad says goes from Twitter account to TV show. Jailbroken iPhone users get Rickrolled through security exploit. MPAA shuts down an entire town's municipal WiFi over a single download. Netflix may start delaying the release of movies by a full month from their release date. All this plus Dumbass Apple News, Fark Headline of the Week, and Question of the Week.

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Dumbass Apple News Edit

Facebook app developer rejects App Store, irony ensues

Fark Headline of the Week Edit

Britons are amongst the ugliest people in the world, according to a new report from the Institute of People with Functional Eyes

Question of the Week Edit

What cybernetic enhancement would you want?

Additional Notes Edit

Ryder announces his book release, based on his blog.