This week we show the relation between World of Warcraft guilds and real world gangs. We talk about Google Goggles, HUD ski goggles, and how the Square payment system will work. Wacky devices galore! A clock has been created, based on the Weasley's clock in Harry Potter, that shows the location of your family members, and a mood chair that knows exactly how your butt feels. Plus, a Linux alternative to Rock Band. All this and the Fark Headline of the Week and the Question of the Week.

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Fark Headline of the Week Edit

Cardinal says homosexuals can't enter heaven. What, not even by the back-door?

Question of the Week Edit

What Harry Potter tech do you want for real?

Additional Notes Edit

  • Adrian drank vodka and cranberry-raspberry juice cuz he's po'.
  • James drank Berghoff Prarie Lager and Sundown Dark.
  • Ryder drank Jim Beam Red Stag and Labatt Blue.