This week, how to beat the Westboro Baptist Church. Chinese root server is shut down after DNS problem. April Fool's Day hijinks ensues with the voice command copier prank. A French dude "fingerhacked" Obama's Twitter account. GoDaddy ceases regitering domains in China. Introducing, the vortex junction - the next generation of roundabouts. The ISS is set to get a "Man Cave" module. A mafia boss in Italy was betrayed to the police by his Facebook account. A new trend in Carbon-14 dating in the wine world reveals that 5% of vintage wines may be frauds. Plus, the Fark Headline of the Week and a new Off-Air discussion topic.


Fark Headline of the Week Edit

SEC regulators criticized for watching porn on their computers while the economy was tanking. Regulators deny guilt, claim that watching people get mercilessly screwed is their job description

Off-Air Discussion Edit

If you could suggest anything for the ISS "Man Cave", what would be your recommendation and why?