We explain how to use an RJ-45 keychain amd a wall dock to never misplace your keys again. A man uses Portal 2 as an engine to propose to his girlfriend. Steve Jobs resigns as CEO of Apple, nothing changes. IBM builds a data drive that can back up the entire Web 60 times. Donnie and Mark Wahlberg plan to open Wahlburger's Burger Joint. Google Street View team takes on the Amazon River. Listen in to find out the 10 scariest hacks exposed at Black Hat and Defcon. Fox delays Hulu availability, piracy surges. CmdrTaco resigns from Slashdot. All this and an Epic Fail, some Science News, and an "Oh Asia, You So Crazy!"

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Oh Asia, You So Crazy! Edit

The World’s First Dancing Carrot Proposal

Epic Fail! Edit

Newlyweds Shoplift Food For Reception, Spend Honeymoon In Jail

Science News Edit

Filling without drilling: Pain-free way of tackling dental decay reverses acid damage and re-builds teeth