OnStar begins spying on customers' GPS location for profit. Okite is an iPhone alarm clock app that sends an embarassing tweet every time you hit the snooze button. The Onion's joke about "screams and gunfire" coming from inside Congress backfires. There is a new danger for urban cyclists: Biker's Lung. Iran blocks TOR, TOR unblocks itself later that day. The movie industry's self-piract proves that IP addresses aren't people. Gordon Ramsey's porn dwarf double has been eaten by a badger. Will alcohol be available in a theater near you soon? Also, Science News and "Oh Asia, You So Crazy!" Plus the re-emergence of the Fark Headline of the Week.

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Oh Asia, You So Crazy! Edit

To Punish Thai Police, a Hello Kitty Armband

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Woman discovers boyfriend is actually lesbian sex offender. Awkward (w/pics)