LulzSecs leader has been arrested, is this the end for the notorious group? More and more employers and colleges are demanding you give them your Facebook password. Reddit forms a PAC to oust Lamar Smith from office, and Mediawiki transfers all their domains away from GoDaddy. Crowdfunding insvestors is moving closer to Congressional approval. Warner has a "quick and easy" way for you to rip your DVDs into DRMed digital media that is neither quick nor easy. NBC will livestream the 2012 Olympics in its entirity for free. MIT offers a certificate in piracy. The U.S. government deems that if your domain is a .com, they have jurisdiction to seize it. The Washington Post hires CmdrTaco of Slashdot fame. Flying swarms of robots may start to provide WiFi to protestors and activists. All this, plus a Recent Study, this week's "Oh Asia, You So Crazy!", and another installment of Ryder Says Things.

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Study suggests breakthrough in organ transplants

Oh Asia, You So Crazy! Edit

Recycling Toilets into School Desks: Madness or Genius?

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hyaluronic (acid) - a high-molecular-mass polysaccharide found in the extracellular matrix, especially of soft connective tissues.