The FBI can't crack Android's Pattern Lock. The Sanford Airport says no to the TSA. March Madness will be streamed to all of the Internet. Encyclopedia Britannica ceases production of encyclopedias. People are sending money to the RIAA and MPAA in droves, listen in to find out why. Homeless people in Austin, TX have become 4G hotspots for SXSW. Is your ISP spying on you? If they aren't they will soon start! All this, and a Recent Study, a couple of Epic Fails, and an Oh Asia, You So Crazy!

Links Edit

  1. Wal-Mart will stream your own DVDs back to you--for a fee (follow up from episode 90)
  2. Skydiver Leaps From 71,581 Feet, Prepares for 120,000 Foot Jump (follow up from episode 88)
  3. FBI Can’t Crack Pimp’s Phone’s Pattern Lock, Serves Google With Warrant
  4. Sanford Airport opting out of TSA security
  5. JOCO Cruise Crazy
  6. For Once, Pirating Is Pointless: Official March Madness Streaming Is Exactly What It Should Be
  7. After 244 Years, Encyclopaedia Britannica Stops the Presses
  8. “Send Them Your Money” Campaign Suggests You Pay the MPAA and RIAA for Piracy Losses with Copied Currency
  9. How To Crash the US Justice System: Demand a Trial
  10. Homeless-powered wifi hotspots at SXSW
  11. American ISPs to launch massive copyright spying scheme on July 12
  12. Power Outlet that Charges for Charging

Recent Studies Edit

Sex-deprived fruit flies drink more alcohol: New study could uncover answers for human addictions

Epic Fail! Edit

  1. Invisible Children Founder and KONY 2012 Star Found Masturbating in Public
  2. I Hid The Body … Now What? Teen Texted Prank to a Random Guy, Who Turned Out to be a Cop!

Oh Asia, You So Crazy! Edit

Time-travel Attempt Kills Two Chinese Schoolgirls

Ryder Says Things Edit

flocculation - The process by which individual particles of clay aggregate into clotlike masses or precipitate into small lumps.

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Skeevy Guy

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LOLschwitz is a reference to a story from episode 10