Adrian Hannah is a self-proclaimed hacker with a penchant for privacy-minded political issues. He has worked as a system administrator in one capacity or another for over 10 years and has a strong computer science background founded in his early childhood. He is the programmer of the trio and geeks out over coding a little too much sometimes, but we forgive him. He spent an illustrious 6 years at Michigan Technological University getting his Computer Science degree and is currently living in Valparaiso, IN working nearby for the federal government. He is a biker (with no bike), a martial artist (with no dojo), a TV junkie (with no cable), a rebel (without a cause), and a horse (with no name).

Quotes Edit

I think I'm gonna pee myself!

—Adrian, Episode 18

Y'all a bunch of bitches!

—Adrian, Episode ??

My keyboard sucks butt hole

—Adrian, Episode ??

I want a flying car dammit!

—Adrian, Episode ??

He fails it in the butt!

—Adrian, Episode ??

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